CWG Workshop (Prague, March 2012)

From 27 to 30 March 2012, the Working Group met in Prague for a workshop.
Here you can find the Workshop Minutes.

Presentations of the Workshop were arranged in several topic categories. Their files can be found here:


  • Pieter Groenemeijer, The ESSL Testbed [pdf].

Preconvective Conditions

  • Estelle de Coning: Satellite based nowcasting products in the pre-convective phase for southern Africa [pdf].
  • Takumu Egawa: Development of Instability Indices for Early Detection of Severe Weather Phenomena [pdf].
  • Christo Georgiev: MPEF DIVergence product Interpretation scheme [ppt].
  • Jochen Kerkmann: Understanding Convective Clouds through the eyes of Meteosat Second Generation [ppt].
  • Marianne König: MSG Derived Instability Indices – Overview [pdf]
  • Dan Lindsey and coauthors: GOES-R Risk Reduction Project: Predicting Convective Initiation 1-6 Hours Prior to Occurrence [pdf]
  • Ralph Petersen and coauthors: Why do GEO-Satellite-based NearCasts? [pdf] and more examples [pdf].
  • Jenni Rauhala: Pre-convective environment [pdf].
  • José Miguel Fernández-Serdán: Improvements in the operational intranet web page for accessing MSG data and products [pdf].

Convective Initiation

  • Takumu Egawa and Akira Sobajima: Detection of Rapidly Developing Cumulus Areas from MTSAT-1R Short-Time Interval Images [pdf].
  • Wayne Feltz and coauthors: Development and Application of a Satellite-based Convective Cloud Object-Tracking Methodology [pdf].
  • Steven Goodman: GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM): Convective Initiation and Severe Storms [pdf].
  • Sofia Kocsis and coauthors: Improvement of Convective Initiation Product for Meteosat Second Generation Satellites [ppt].
  • Thomas Krennert: Basic Investigation of Symmetric Instability During Convective Initiation in the Alpine Region [ppsx].
  • John R. Mecikalski: Geostationary Satellite-based Convective Initiation Nowcasting: Current Capabilities and Operational Aspects [pdf].
  • Luca Nisi and coauthors: COALITION: merging Satellite, Radar, NWP and orographic information for predicting severe convection [pdf].
  • Maria Putsay and coauthors: Meteosat-8 RSS Convection Initiation Product, Improvement and Radar Based Validation [ppt] [avi movie].
  • Dennis Stich: CI Nowcasting at DLR – Snapshots of ongoing research [pdf].

Mature Storms

  • Rachel Albrecht and coauthors: CHUVA Project: 2010-2011 and Perspectives for 2012-2014 [pptx].
  • Kris Bedka and coauthors: Objective Detection of IR Temperature Minima within Convective Cloud Tops: Validation, Applications and Relevance to Nowcasting [ppt].
  • Aydın Gürol Ertürk and Kris Bedka: Comparison of MSG Overshooting Top Detections and MSG “Storms” RGB Applications [ppt], movies: airmass-RGB [mpg], IR108 [mpg], HRV [mpg], OT [mpg], storm-RGB [mpg].
  • Ján Kaňák: Time and space distribution of mature convection over Europe based on MSG Airmass product [pptx], movie: [avi].
  • Ján Kaňák: Tool to estimate cloud top height based on sun illumination and cloud shadows [pptx], movie: [avi].
  • O. Kryvobok and V. Balabuh: Combination of satellite data and instability indices for estimation of the storm severity [pptx].
  • Cecilia Marcos and Antonio Rodriguez: Convective Rainfall Rate Algorithm Evolution [ppt].
  • Petra Mikus and Nataša Strelec Mahović: What happens with the weather in the vicinity of the overshooting top? [ppt].
  • Mária Putsay and coauthors: Simultaneous observation of above-anvil ice plume and plume-shaped BTD anomaly atop a convective storm [ppt], movie [avi].
  • Daniel Rosenfeld: Satellite retrieved cloud microstructure providing insights and adds predictability to severe convective storms [pptx].
  • Jose Serdan (for Ana Genovés): Nowcasting Severe Weather Experiment – 2011 NoSWEx [pdf].
  • Martin Setvák, Kris Bedka and Dan Lindsey: BTD (WV – IR window) – informal comments and discussion [pdf].
  • Inna Sobchenyuk: Possibility of a use of the “cold ring” indicator on stallite images in operational nowcasting/forecasting of severe weather [pdf].

Other topics

  • Humberto Barbosa: Training Experiences from the South American Group of EUMETCast Operators (SAGEO) [pdf].
  • Sung-Rae Chung: Rainfall Detection through COMS in KMA [pptx].
  • Hartwig Deneke and coauthors: Contribution to DWD’s Hans Ertel  Research Centre  (HErZ): Object-based analysis and seamless prediction (OASE) [pdf]
  • Jochen Grandell: Geostationary lightning monitoring with the Meteosat Third Generation Lightning Imager (MTG LI) [pptx], movie [avi], movie [youtube].
  • Davide Melfi: Satellite Rainfall Estimation [pdf].
  • Monika Pajek and Piotr Struzik: Long Data Series Analysis – Satellite Climatology of Thunderstorm – Poland Experiences [pdf].
  • Caroline Forster and Arnold Tafferner (presented by Dennis Stich): Summer Campaigns at MUC [pdf].