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The enhanced possibilities of the EUMETSAT Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellite have triggered a number of new applications and products in the support of nowcasting convective storms.

The Convection Working Group, consisting of scientists, developers and operational meteorologists from more than 40 countries, has the aim to make a full inventory and evaluation of the existing convection nowcasting products in order to arrive at a comprehensive description of “Recent Concepts and Practices“. Common test cases are processed and interpreted to support this goal.

The Working Group meets regularly to exchange results and to broaden the scientific expertise. This web site serves as a tool to support this information exchange.

Points of Contact are:

  • Johan Strandgren (EUMETSAT; co-chair)
  • Zsofia Kocsis (OMSZ, Hungary; co-chair)
  • Vesa Nietosvaara (EUMETSAT; co-chair)

To get in touch with the CWG, please send an e-mail to EUMETSAT Training with your request.

These are the Terms of Reference of the CWG:


The main purpose of the Convection Working Group is to stimulate efficient utilization of satellite data in operational meteorology for detection, analysis and prediction of deep moist convection and associated phenomena.


  • Developing a body of knowledge in monitoring convection through satellite observations.
  • Offering a meeting point for researchers, developers and operational users, for exchanging experiences and feedback on practices and operational and experimental applications aimed at convection processes in the atmosphere.


  • Coordination of development and enhancement of techniques for early detection and prediction of convective storms.
  • Stimulation of research activities for better understanding and description of processes in the convective environment and their footprints on satellite data.
  • Support to development of training materials and fostering the technology transfer necessary for introduction of newly developed methods and techniques into operational meteorology.
  • Exchange of information on an international level for leading scientist and experts in satellite meteorology, active in development and operations of nowcasting techniques.
  • Fostering the use of satellite data in conjunction with other available data (NWP / Radar etc.) for detection, analysis and prediction of deep moist convection and associated phenomena.
  • Cooperation with the specialised institutions, such as storm laboratories, which have a particular role in contributing to the CWG and robustly testing new products and algorithms for operational application. ESSL has a particular role in facilitating this in Europe.
  • Promote collaboration with similarly aimed groups, organizations or individuals worldwide. Therefore, CWG is open to all interested parties – individuals and organisation. No formal membership is required to attend CWG events (workshops and meetings) or to use various material available on the CWG website.
  • The coordination of the group will be done by co-chairing the CWG by representative(s) of EUMETSAT and appointed specialist(s). To facilitate CWG activities, a CWG secretary (individual or institution) will be appointed by EUMETSAT.
  • The CWG will aim to hold meetings every two years for planning and reporting on progress, in between the group will interact via Internet and teleconference and at splinter meetings, when suitable.
  • The CWG will maintain a web site for efficient information exchange and provision of documentation. For the exchange of information and documentation the web site should be operated under guidance of the secretary of the CWG.

As of 22 June 2016