The World Weather Open Science Conference

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The World Weather Open Science Conference

WWOSC-2014 – The weather: what’s the outlook?

Montréal, Canada, 16 to 21 August 2014

Theme: Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from minutes to months

The Conference is structured around two programs:

• The science program will cover both the basic weather research that extends knowledge of processes and systems and the applied research needed to put prediction systems together and assess the impacts of weather and climate events.

• The user, application & social science program will consider the goods and services economy and the role of government in disaster risk reduction/management and the communication of weather information.

For more information, please visit:

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New version of Best Practice Document

A new version (30 July 2012) of the “living” Best Practice document has been prepared. Please download and comment on this document, authored by John Mecikalski, Kris Bedka and Marianne König.

Please take note of the methods they describe. The intention is that this document is a “living” document and you are strongly encouraged to add sections to it, describing alternative nowcasting methods. The “Best Practice document” and your contributions will be a topic in upcoming CWG meetings.