MSG Global Instability Index

MSG Global Instability Index

Operationally produced by EUMETSAT


Detection of possible unstable areas through satellite based stability indices in pre-convective environment.

The Global Instability Index (GII) product consists of four indices which describe the stability of the atmosphere (K-Index, KO Index, Lifted Index, Maximum Buoyancy) together with precipitable water content (Layer precipitable water content, Total precipitable water). Regional Instability Index (RII) is the pixel-based version of the GII, which is produced for a subset of the MSG image disc over Europe, available also every 5 minutes.


Not available in cloudy areas, resolution is 3 x 3 SEVIRI pixels.

Pros and Cons:

✓ Good for following the deviation from the NWP model stability indexes

✓ Available over MSG – 0 degree and MSG – Indian Ocean 41.5 degrees

✓ Available also during night-time

X BUFR format

Accessibility and Dissemination:

    1. 15-minute-data disseminated via EumetCast – in BUFR format (5 minutes for RII over Europe)
    2. 6-hourly-images on ePort within EUMETSAT/EUMeTrain ePort Viewer

Additional Information:

Case Study
Training Module
Practical info and documentation at EUMETSAT Product Navigator


Overview prepared by Mateja Iršič Žibert, ARSO, V.2017


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